The Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route

A Thread That Binds a Nation...

Over 200 years ago, near Bella Coola, British Columbia, explorer Alexander Mackenzie noted:

"I now mixed up some vermilion in melted grease and described in large characters on the South-East face of the rock on which we had slept last night this brief memorial"

Alexander Mackenzie
From Canada
By Land
22nd July 1793

Thus was recorded the first crossing of continental North America by a European.

Native guides and French Canadian voyageur canoeists worked with Alexander Mackenzie of the North West Company from Lower Canada (Quebec) to what is now known as British Columbia in search of a shipping outlet on the Pacific. Together, they completed the journey from Montreal to the western ocean.

Mackenzie's 1801 book, "Voyages from Montreal...", describes the route from The St. Lawrence River in the east to the western ocean. The same route ~ stretching from Quebec City, Quebec to Bella Coola, British Columbia ~ has been formally proclaimed by Canada, the six Provinces and the one Territory through which it passes as a lasting legacy for all Canadians.

Today, led by the volunteer Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route Association, and supported by the dozens of communities and organizations along the Route, we are turning to face the waterways which make up this outstanding heritage resource. Together, we can touch a bit of our past, turn our face to the river (or lake) and take the steps necessary to preserve and promote the Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route (AMVR) for future generations.

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